Saturday, June 29, 2013

The one and only...CMH are still quite the little boy.
Over the past few months, here are some things you have been up to.

In April, you helped me pick out flowers for our house. You were quite helpful. You'd ask what the name of the flowers were...your favorite were the begonias. Pretty hilarious referring to them for the next several weeks..."Oh, look at the begonias, aren't they so pretty?" 
Then we went with Grandma...and you were MOST helpful. You would carry the flower to the end of the row and put them all in a box. There were LOTS of flowers to load up!
"Sure, I can handle it."....a common phrase from you!

You still sleep with your 2 blankets...and they HAVE to be spread out just so. 
You have your certain CD (an instrumental Christmas one...year round of course!) that is played on "repeat". At bedtime, you generally like to be read as many books as you can try and convince us you need (we start with the idea of 5...and quickly eliminate them if you start getting pokey about getting to bed). And then you get a Bible story.. your favorite Bible stories are about "Joseph", "Daniel", and "Jonah". I am certain you could tell them in detail to someone that doesn't know the Bible.
You look so sweet and innocent and little when you are asleep.

You still remain a unpredictable eater. Few things are certain that you will almost ALWAYS eat. But everything else is kind of hit or miss. So, to prevent you from waking up too early on the nights you just really don't eat hardly will have a late night bowl of cereal (a 99% certainty that you will like and eat ALL of).
This particular evening, you were eating in the dark..with ONLY a bib on. 

The next several pictures are in regard to you being quite the helper. 
You are almost always eager to help out with various projects. And when its not safe to have you try to be VERY convincing that you can "handle it".

(In the garage) Painting the boards for the ceiling of the down stairs bathroom.

Mudding over the screws on the sheetrock. 

Digging holes (not always "helpful") with his very own legit shovel.

If you are outside when Daddy is using the wear your ear protector muffs..and whenever you can, you like to combine the safety goggles with the ear muffs...and whatever other random things you can add to the ensemble. You look rather silly with your combinations sometimes!

Lately, you are LOVING getting in the pool. With your life jacket are a brave and very independent little swimmer. You love to go, go, go!!!

Here are some further things you say (sometimes quite often) or have said lately:

"Ahh, probably so....."

"You could probably take me to Grandma's house."
-"she's not there"
"Weelllll, you could go with me. I won't mind if you take me"

"Mommy, you can't go to work today. I will miss you too much!! You can just stay here."

"Well, I guess I could go with you. I don't mind if its boring....I like boring."
"I could help." "I can help you with the babies that are born."

Sings parts of "Hakuna Matata"....from listening to Pandora...."It's our problem free...phila-so-bee ('philosophy')..Hakuna Matata."
(There are many songs you sing throughout the day that you hear on the Christian toddler radio, Sunday School, and other various Pandora stations that I like). The ones that I like are really funny for you to try and sing, because you make up your own words for the ones that are hard to identify...but you have the tune down.

Almost everything is referred to in terms of how "fast" it is. Your shorts that have stripes going down the sides = "super fast shorts". Most shoes you have are "super fast"...and the ones you don't like to wear "but they are not super fast, and I cannot wear those to run in". Most toys can be in the ranks of "super fast"...especially all new toys that you just get. Even Noah's clothes are classified as "fast"....and you get jealous he has "fast" clothes on. Needless to say, we talk alot about fast things around here!

"Getty getty get you."
"Hey Noah, hey buddy, hey whatcha doin'?"

"No problem. I can handle it!"

You are very verbal most of the time. On the rare occasion that you decide in public you aren't feeling pull out the "I"m shy" card, and then actually say "I'm going to be shy". 

"You know what I realized....."
(really hard for me to keep a straight face when you start talking like this...I mean, its like a grown adult has started talking inside your little 3 year old body)

"Can you turn the rear (pronounced with slight w sounds with the r's) on?"
--referring to the air conditioning in the van

"Can you hear the lions? My stomach IS growling, I can hear them? Do you hear them? They are very hungry!"

me: "Christian what are you doing?" ( I could hear a repetitive sound, but otherwise very quiet...and I was in Noah's room feeding him so I couldn't get up easily to check it out.)
you: "I don't want to tell you."
me: "Tell"
you: You come into Noah's room without your shirt on...and a big smile. "Oh, I'm just throwing my clothes up in the fan, and watching them FLLLLYY!"

Listening to Noah wake up on the monitor, I had said, "Oh, Noah..go back to sleep."
So you go over to the monitor and hold it real close to your mouth and start talking in if Noah will be able to hear YOU on his end. You say over and over, "NOAH!! Go back to sleep. Nooo-ahhhh, go to sllleeepp."

The lady sharing the children's story at church was telling the kids about how she participates in races...such as marathons. She was going on about how its great to have people support her, and cheer her on..she was wrapping up her story time and you decide to chime in and say,
"Yeah...and my mama rides her bike SO fast! She rides her bike faster than a CAR! She is SUPER FAST!"
Needless to say, I got alot of questions after church about my bike riding (especially comical for me, since I haven't ridden my bike in over a year!).

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