Saturday, June 8, 2013


This is the last post about my birthday..I feel weird putting so much about it..
but I guess I just felt like it.
I think for the several years I have told Ben that for my 30th birthday all I wanted was to have a party out at John & Chris's house (his uncle/aunt) and have THEIR homemade pizzas. And then after I got to know Ashley and Ivan, and how he owned a party bus company...I said I wanted to take a bus of our friends for this party! I sound like a brat....BUT...let me tell you what..I got what I wanted!

The crew that helped me celebrate (minus Mom and Dad..and Noah).

These two came for the food..and then Mom and Dad kindly took them home to put them to bed.
I think Christian ate an entire pizza himself. It's obviously is SO SO SO good.

John and Chris busy making their deliciousness. 
I just love their setting. Its relaxed, and secluded, and has a feel all of its own.

Just a couple random pictures..

Complete with a pretty sunset over the field..

This guy did good...
thank you, Ben. It was just what I wanted...I had a GREAT time.

Thanks to those that helped me celebrate..
I truly wish I could turn 30 every year now!

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