Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Noah [8 months]

Already 8 months old...

(blurry..but one of the only ones he actually sat still long enough to look at me!) are becoming such a big boy.
You are constantly on the move...I mean all.the.time!
Once you are set on the take off crawling.

Usually you go towards things that you shouldn't be getting into...your favorites are cords, shoes, corners of stairs, registers, and the piano pedals. I set around all your toys to try and spark your interest...but for whatever reason they just aren't nearly as exciting as those other things!

You are starting to eat a little bit more on a consistent basis. You don't eat necessarily alot at a time, but you're getting better about at least trying things. You seem to like the small pieces of things...puffs, sweet potatoes, peaches. And you really get excited about your sippy cup with water in gnaw on that thing like its candy! Often after eating, you need a bath...which you love! As far as when Daddy gets to give you a bottle while I'm at still like it crazy warm.

You love your brother....actually you just ADORE him. Your whole face and body perks up when he starts playing with you. And Christian loves to "get" you....he'll say, "getty getty get you!!!" as he puts his head or hand on your belly. And you giggle EVERY time. Its so fun to watch you two. Its not always calm and happy have a set of grabby hands on you. Your hands are good at grabbing toys, food, drinks, and hair...and you don't care who's it belongs to...if its within reach you will grab...and grab HARD!

(This was your very first time you went from crawling to sitting up by yourself!)

You can crawl quite well. You sit up on your own. Its so funny to watch you whip around your little chubby legs. You like to stand with our help...and are starting to like the idea of taking steps with our help. You think its funny to flip over when we change your diaper...and you are so proud if you get so far as to peak over the edge of the changing table with you head looking down at the ground. 

You still don't have any teeth officially. The bottom left is peeking through..but it seems like this process just takes a VERY long time. I don't have a clue how much you weigh, it doesn't seem like you are changing in size too much from last month. You wear mostly 9 months clothes and size 3 diapers. Your hair is getting thicker and longer...and I think it often has a tint of strawberry blonde in it. Your eyes are still VERY blue.

You know your name. And you also know certain people. You like to play "shy" with turn your head and then look back at him. You have started to babble some...saying "", but not in correlation to any certain thing. 

Your sleeping habits have gone backwards over the past month. Not sure if this is attributed to teething...or what, but I'm ready for you to spoil me with a full nights sleep again. Even getting you to go to sleep/nap has been a challenge. You no longer just lay down, pop your thumb in your mouth and fall off to sleep. When I lay you down, you pop your head up...make sure I'm still there...give me a big ol' smile and then start making your excited sounds in hopes that I'll pick you up. When I let you crawl ALL over that crib and get stuck in the corner. Silly boy..all this to say, nap time has been a bit of a game to figure out what works best. It's never THAT just make us work for it somedays.
Watching a baby sleep is so sweet...and innocent.

(You like to swing...and you feel asleep in there while I was pushing you!)

You tried out swimming for the first time on your 8 month birthday! You were pretty neutral over the idea...but you amused me by splashing around in it for awhile anyway. Even with sunscreen lathered all over you..I didn't think we needed to let your very white baby skin be exposed too long the first time out! Afterwards, you crashed in the pack and play that was in the shed.

 Oh little Noah, you are my little sweetie. I love you so much. I love how your face lights up and you get all sorts of giddy when you want me to feed you...or when I come to get you from your crib. You maybe don't say words yet...but you can definitely express yourself!

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