Sunday, June 2, 2013

My day

On my actual birthday, we went to Mom and Dad's to pick up Christian (Noah didn't last all night..because of me...he is very inconsistent about sleeping through the night, so I told Mom to let me know if he woke up and was fussy. It was just as we were coming home from Wichita (Ben and I went out for my birthday) we just picked him up on our way home.). Anyways..Mom treated us to a big breakfast...thin pancakes, eggs, sausage, orange julius. Afterwards, Christian was watching Ben and Dad work on something around the pool...and he threw a small piece of concrete in..AGH! I put my suit on, and went in to get it. Mind you...this weather has still been considerably mild for this time of was FREEZING! But I got the rock..and it was very jagged, so I like to think it was worth while to get in and get it. I went straight to their hot tub afterwards...and that felt wonderful :)

The rest of the day was just a regular ol' day. But after supper I wanted to do we went into the Arboretum. It turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL evening. Really, it was just perfect. No wind, the sun was just right...and it was even just enough cool to wear a long sleeved shirt and jeans.

I had a perfect birthday evening. 
Spent with my family...taking pictures. 
I took a few lot of pictures and these were some of my favorites.

We saw Great Grandpa John as we were blowing bubbles in the grass. He was out for a walk. 
Noah was so interested in his face, he just kept touching him! 

It was a good day...a great day. 
I am blessed to have these last 30 years...looking forward to the years to come...
I will try to live them each to the fullest :)

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