Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Random visit

During our ride home from WIchita both boys fell asleep.
We had been talking about what we would do the rest of the day. It was looking like the clouds were getting darker, and it was a little too wet to work outside...so we decided to go to Topeka and see Ben's parents. Very random.

We got there around 4:30, and met his Dad and brother at the house they are working at fixing up. It looks nice...the yard, the inside, the location....it's a good one. Then we went to their actual house..and Grandma H. was there. It turned out to be a sunny day there...beautiful actually. So we went outside for a bit.

Christian liked to look at the fish in their pond...and feed them.

Daddy and him played catch

Uncle Sam played with him....with the tow truck (he always remembers they have a tow truck at their house!) and this time there was an alligator (a large plastic one...that he REALLY liked playing with).

And Noah was happy being held by Grandma H.

I love these pictures with his hands like they are...

We went out for pizza and then had to head back. 
We had a VERY full day....but a VERY VERY good one. 
I think it was a personal day well spent indeed!

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