Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Personal day

Ben took a personal day...and I'm glad he spent it wisely...with his family :)
But for real, I am glad that he wanted to do something just for the fun of it, because we had ourselves a full, big day. None of it was necessarily planned, since we didn't know what the weather was going to do...it was supposed to rain. 
We headed to Wichita to go to Botanica...

it was just lightly starting to sprinkle when we got there...but we decided to go anyway. And it was just overcast the whole time..nothing else..which was actually just perfect.

Christian loved running around..he was running back and forth from the big water fountain. We decided to go "backwards", so we could see the flowers first before going to the children's center. Noted...we will do this again in the future..it worked out well.

Some of the flowers were beaten up by some of the slaps of the late "winterish" days...but there were still more than plenty to ooooo and aaaaah over. I love the tulips...so mnay colors...so vibrant...so PRETTY. 

I loved all the shades within this orange kind...

and these...deep purple, dipped in white.

Noah did well. We brought the stroller...but he wanted to be out, seeing the flowers.
He is quite "grabby"...those tulips were almost done for by his quick little hands.

All kinds of lovely in these pictures....

Then we got to the play area. I went up the tree house and down the crawl space with Christian. He loved it. He banged on all the outdoor instruments...climbed on anything climbable...jumped off the ladybugs...and he's SO proud he's big enough to hang from the rainbow bars (just like his big cousins!!).

We had such a good time. 
We then went to Freddy's for lunch (YUM), tried to go to Lowe's to pick out tile for the bathroom (that just needs to be a separate trip), stopped at Target...and headed home.

Well...we thought we were going to go home.....
instead we headed to Topeka to see Grandma and Grandpa H. 

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