Sunday, May 26, 2013

Noah [7 months]

My little SEVEN months old!

You weigh 18 lbs and are 27 in long (at your delayed 6 mo check up on 5-29).
You wear size 3 diapers, and mostly size 9 mo clothes.
You have yet to pop a tooth through.

Oh you are such a delight.
This last month you have really started to develop a personality, a happy one...sometimes bashful.
You share your smile with most everyone, as long as you're not tired or hungry. And your brother is definitely the winner for getting the biggest smiles and laughs out of you. It is amazing how you light up when he is talking to you.

Here's a link of a video from earlier in the month....Brotherly Love. (When it was uploaded the sound and picture somehow got off..but I think you can see it well enough to get the point.)

You with your big brother in your shark outfits.

 You sleep well. You have set your own bedtime it seems. Every evening about 8:10, you switch gears...and want to call it a night. You usually lay down around 8:30 and wake up around 5 or so, eat a bit of a snack, and then go back to bed for a couple hours. You also take a morning nap about 1 1/2 hours (if we are home)..and an afternoon one that is about 2-3 hours long. You get every inch of use out of your crib...when you are trying to go to sleep and when you wake up, you scoot and roll all over the place! And this is generally how you sleep..on your tummy, with your right thumb in your mouth.
(Those teeth marks on your crib are from your brother when he was a baby!)

Your hands and now feet are almost always busy...either grabbing something, or in your mouth. You especially like to play with your feet, which is about the cutest thing ever. Your hair continues to get thicker, and it is a bit strawberry blonde at times...I'm sure it'll keep changing. Your eyes are still very blue, and very expressive. And your thighs..well, they are still nice and healthy, and get lots of kisses! You are ticklish, and I love to hear your little giggle :)

Since the weather has been warmer, we have spent more time outside. You have sat in both the baby swing, and the hammock swing. You seem to like both quite a bit. 

You have tried a variety of food over the last month. You eat food once, sometimes twice a day. Your favorite for now seem to be peaches (and most fruits really), and carrots or sweet potatoes. The only one you really spit right back at me and made an awful face with the gagging sound was green beans. You think you need to be helpful and grab the spoon..but really you make a giant mess everywhere if you are speedy enough for that to happen.

You had just started to roll over right before turning 6 months...and you have officially mastered it, and are going EVERYWHERE! You actually just started scooting this past week, and each day you get better at it. You pull yourself up, and can get your knees under you..but then you want to just move up to your feet and hands. Not exactly the easiest form to learn to crawl, but I'm sure you'll figure it out one way or another.

You bring us much joy Noah are loved!

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the brokaws said...

seven months! seems crazy. what a little cutie!