Friday, May 3, 2013

New Red Chair

Fried Chicken Night is the first Thursday of the month at Waters is a family style served meal...and it is g-o-o-d. It just so happens that Great Grandpa John has a liking for food...and he happens to know that Ben (especially) also has this same appreciation. So, we have met him to eat for the past 3 months on Fried Chicken Night. It really is a special treat :)

This last Thursday, after we were done eating he had something REAL special to give us....
a child sized rocking chair.
It was made/given to them when their kids were little from Great Grandma Betty's brother. He had it reupholstered for us....and it turned out SO nice!
It fits Christian just perfectly right now....he is so proud to have his own rocking chair!

Thank you Great Grandpa John!!

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