Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day

A special day to celebrate all is sweet.

Although for some...bittersweet..and for those my heart hurts. 
It makes me miss my Grandma..and how I wish she could be here to see my boys...and how much it must make my mom wish she was here too.
It makes me think of Ben's Grandma this is the first mother's day without her here to celebrate with...and how that must be hard for Diana.
It makes me think of all the mamas that I know or have seen through work that have either lost a child/baby...or are trying so hard to become mamas.

This isn't going to continue being sad...but that part is also reality.

Now, as far as today goes for was a wonderfully good day.
We went to church. And this handsome fella, was loving on my before we left (I will never turn that down).

It was too funny, how much Christian's tie matched Ben's he put it on to see. 

After church, we went to John & Chris's for the traditional treat of having our Mother's Day noon meal there. It was unusually cool, so we changed into warmer clothes before going. 
We had a delicious meal ...I had two servings of lasagna :)
I took a picture of Diana with her boys and my boys...but it was with her camera...just know it was cute. 

And then here are the two little loves of my life and me...
they really do make my heart happy...very happy!

On the way home, I took a nap in the back seat of our van (which we got a about a month ago...and I love!)...and the other three boys took naps when we got home. I woke them up so we could go over to Mom and Dad's for supper. We had grilled pizza and some salads, and angel food cake with strawberries.

It ended up being a gorgeous evening. So we played croquet in the front yard. 
I am terrible at croquet...every time....but I still play, and I still like it :)

Mom in action....
nice form...even with her new knee!

Mama MJ

Brent had tried to hit another player's ball, so he could have another turn...but I think the play didn't turn out quite as planned...and Mom isn't holding back her feelings about it.

Attempts at taking a photo of the three of us...

A very random picture of Kade...but it was too cute not to include :)

This woman amazes me...
I'm proud to call her my Mom,
and blessed to call her my friend.

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