Sunday, April 14, 2013

Safety First

Christian has been helping Daddy with his various projects he has going....
the downstairs bathroom,
the raised beds for our garden,
and the most recent was chopping down our gnarly mulberry tree.

He is not a fan of the sound of the saw, or air compressor, or any overly noisy tool for that matter. And, he has a very strong liking to Daddy's safety goggles he got for his birthday last year. So, frequently when helping he wears BOTH the "ear muffs" to block out the sound and the rather large safety goggles. 
Quite the combo for his little head.

The bathroom (thankfully, its further along in the process than this picture...but not far enough for a before and after picture!)

Daddy taught him how to remove a nail from a board, so they could build the raised beds.
Christian is more than willing to help with this...he is actually quite the helper sometimes!

Constructing the beds...
I just love this picture of them working makes my heart happy.

Some of the boards needed to be here's the head gear I'm talking about.
Mind you, he might have the ear and eye safety covered...but climbing ALL over the truck, well, that he didn't find to be a problem. 

You'd think by the photo below, that we were struck by a tornado...or even that the ice storm last week ruined our tree. Neither..Ben just cut this ugly mugly down because we do not like all. Its a mulberry tree. And originally, I thought, "oh, that sounds nice." Since then, I have discovered that mulberry's fall from this tree, staining anything and everything it lands on....AND birds eat mulberry's and they poop purple...staining whatever and wherever they poop. 
So there you have it, we no longer wanted the tree.
This whole scene will hopefully look completely different very soon..I hope.

The picture on the left..he's just acting silly (with his ear protection and eye goggles on of course).
The picture on the right...he's actually getting ready to fall off the cab of the truck. Luckily, he caught himself...and I then informed him that although he has alot of things keeping him safe on his head, he is not wearing a helmet...and we will no longer be climbing on the cab of the truck.

Good little helper...carrying the branches. 
He LOVED helping with this.

I hope his desire to help his Daddy continues...between the two of them, they will have this place taken care of in no time.

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