Friday, April 26, 2013

Noah [6 months]

Happy Half Birthday Noah...

Sweeter and sweeter everyday.
You can give expressive hugs (grabbing my hair and nuzzling your head into my neck)...and big ol' wet kisses too. 

Your big blue eyes tell me a story...especially when you poke your head up in the morning to greet me.
Speaking of waking've learned how to sleep for quite awhile! You started sleeping in all night! You're not consistent yet, but I'm not complaining. You take two long naps, morning and afternoon. And, instead of sleeping with your pacifier, you decided that your RIGHT thumb is a fantastic replacement. You don't particularly liked to be rocked to just give your cues that you're ready and we lay you on your pop that right thumb in..and its lights out!

You still LOVE your baths. Oh my, you know how to kick those legs. Your brother is almost always at  the side of the tub when you get clean...he seems to "need" to watch what you're doing during baths, diaper changes, eating....well, most everything really!

The two of you are quite the combo...I have a feeling I will have my hands full in no time. 
I love watching you interact. Your face lights up when you see Christian..he can get you to giggle, which is just too cute! Almost daily, Christian comes to your room when you wake up and greets you with something along these lines..."Goooood morning Noah. Heey, buddy. Did you sleep good? Heey. I'm right here Noah. Yeahh, I'm right here."

You weigh around 19# (not an official Dr scale reaading). Still wear size 2 diapers...but only the Swaddler kind (amazing how size 2 can be so different between the same brand of Pampers!) You mostly wear size 6 month clothes...some of your pants are still 3 month...and anything connected is 6-12 month.

You're getting better about sitting up by yourself. You can do it briefly before tipping over, but are able to stay sitting with support for quite awhile before getting frustrated. AND you know how to roll over now!! You learned how to do it both front/back and back/front just one day before turning 6 months!

Your hair is getting thicker and somewhat longer. It's very light brown color...and in a certain light in almost has a hint of red to it. It's now long enough for "bed head".  Sleepy little Noah :)

You usually like your changing table. More so when it involves taking your clothes off. You LOVE to have your clothes off...and if they all can't come off, especially your pants. Silly boy. You kick and flap your arm like a bird when you get down to just a onesie.

You eat rice cereal sometimes in the evening, before bed. You're still not great at it, you push out with your tongue and aren't overly excited about it. So I haven't pushed it. The other evening, we gave you pieces of banana. You liked the idea...and were able to get a few pieces in your mouth..and you even seemed to like it. That lasted about 5 minutes. And then it ALL came up.

this was the end result of the banana night...a banana smeared hair-do. 
Good thing you like baths!

Your two bottom teeth are not able to be felt yet (and I think I'll LOVE to chew on my fingers)...but you are diligently working on them. You chew on anything you get your hands on. Your favorite toy over this past month has been Sofie...the giraffe (and I don't even have a picture of her and you!). She has received lots of wet slobbery kisses and chews! But really most rattles or teethers get you all excited.

You are just a lovable little fella. I love to give you kisses all over...and oh my, how you get to giggling when I do that. You are so ticklish. I'm so happy to be your mama Noah bring much joy to our home! 
Can't believe in another 6 months you will have your 1st birthday!

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