Saturday, April 13, 2013

MCC sale

This year, the MCC was more significant than the past years...for Christian anyway.
He was given a bank in Sunday School several months ago, and he has been saving his "moneys" in his "MCC bank". He was pretty proud to bring his bank to the sale and shake it out in the coin counter. (Bummer..I don't have a picture with him doing this...and I have no idea how much he saved. But I guess neither of those truly matter.) Then Dad and him spent quite some time at the "money tornado"...the thing where you could drop in a coin and it goes around and around MANY times before dropping. 

Ben and I were supposed to be helping with the pork fritter food station...Noah wasn't really liking to just hang out in the I went with Mom and Noah and we looked at the quilts and plants.
Then we walked over to "the slide"....the big granddaddy slide of all slides. 

Grandpa and Christian had been having a BLAST. Well, poor Dad...I think he went up and down 6 times with Christian! I said I wanted to go with him once...oh my goodness. No kidding...I think I had just as much fun as Christian. That thing makes you FLY and SOAR (you literally get some air).

You can't really see him and I on this picture...but you can kind of see how big the slide is.

The next day, Christian saw his empty blue bank and said, "I'm going to save my moneys for the MCC sale and fill it all the way. And I will drop all of them into the tornado." I said, "oh, well the MCC sale is over."
"No, for the NEXT MCC sale."

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