Tuesday, April 2, 2013

He has RISEN!


The night before Easter, the MYF (which we are sponsers for) had a lock-in at church. After watching the WSU win their game (whoo-hoo...onto the final four!), Ben went to church and stayed the night with them. He got about 2 hours of sleep. The MYF was in charge of the sunrise service, so after that he came home and crashed for a little bit before church. 

The other two boys in the house were up and happy...but enjoyed laying in bed with Daddy for a little bit while I got a fruit salad ready to take for Easter dinner.

After church, we went to Mom and Dad's for dinner. All the KS family was there (we missed Carissa & Tim and there 3 little ones).
Ben's parents came too...which was nice. I'm bummed I didn't get a picture of them with the boys :(

The weather was beautiful!

These brothers of mine..nearly impossible to get a decent picture. I'm grateful for digital cameras...if you take enough, they finally come around.

After we finished our very filling and tasty Easter dinner, we had the traditional Easter egg hunt outside where we ALL find our own five eggs.

Poor Ben, struggling to find his eggs...

Ava and Christian checking out the treats inside.
Christian was shoveling them in his mouth as fast as he could before I would find him. I told him it was fine that he was eating the candy, he didn't have to eat them so fast!

Noah's 1st Easter.

And he made quite the cute little Easter bunny!

Grateful to have family to celebrate our RISEN KING!

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Jenn_LDR said...

Great pics! Especially love the one of you & Noah. He is just so chubby, I bet you want to munch on him! :)