Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fancy Crystal

The start of last week was quite nice, like mid to upper 70's nice. On Tuesday, I went to Wichita to run some errands. The sky was a bit funny the whole day, and it acted like it wanted to rain...but it didn't. It was 75 degrees when I left around 3:00.
And then...over the course about 10 minutes it dropped 20 degrees, and continued to drop another 10 over the next 10 minutes. what you call a cold front. It rained, and got colder. And in the morning it was like God stuck everything in the freezer and forgot about it. EVERYTHING was incased in ice.
Wednesday was dreary, cold, and when we got out to go to was almost creepy how things were blown over stiff with ice. Around our house it looked like this. (Not creepy...just fascinating!)

Then Thursday morning, it was still really cold..but the sun was shining. 
It looked like everything was coated in crystal.
It sparkled. It was really beautiful.
And it even sounded fancy. It made a constant crackling sound, but it wasn't falling

Then around noon, it REALLY started crackling, and big chunks of ice came falling down from the trees. It was fun to watch..from the steps, not from under the trees. 
By about 3:00, there wasn't a trace of ice, and it was just a typical sunny spring day.
Mother Nature's just keeping it real I guess...wouldn't want to be too predictable...that would just be boring. However, I really am ready for spring..and to plant no more funny business, alright?

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