Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April days

Here's a compilation of random days throughout the month...
many of these are generally how my day looks.
(You might notice that Noah rarely is wearing pants...and that is how he likes it. Silly guy, he starts out with them on, and he either spits up on them...or is just plain happier with them off!)

This little guy has gotten really good at holding himself up in this position. 
So proud :)

 Christian likes to be in the same room as me. He does not like to play by himself downstairs...
but on occasion he will initiate playing and go with it for quite some time. This was one of those days.

Whenever I feed or attempt to rock Noah...QUITE often Christian feels he needs to also be on my lap. Lately, he has been told he needs to wait...because there just isn't enough room AND Noah gets pretty distracted with his big brother. Having my lap full with these two makes me happy...especially if they are both awake and just wanting to snuggle.

Christian built his road around Noah....rocking the dino slippers.

A very grown up looking Christian..
I had been taking a picture of Noah, and he requested his picture be taken.

Noah looking at Christian...a very typical reaction.

Just hanging out in the "good ol' fashion tunnel". (This box has gotten some serious play time)

A visit to the arboretum. Throwing rocks in the water...Christian's favorite thing to do. 
We brought bread this time...and whoa there are some big fish and turtles buried in that water that come out for the food.

A proud Christian with his lego creation..its a "bulldozer" and there is a man inside (he's on the left in between the crack).

This look cracks me up...."what you lookin' at"

Helping Daddy with the raised beds, weeding, digging...he is quite the helper.
He went with me to the nursery to pick out flowers..and then helped me plant them.
I just wish allergies didn't have to pick on such little people (well, any of us really..but especially not kids!).

Noah looking all dapper as he is six months old :)

There it is. I'm ready to enjoy more time outside whenever the weather stays consistently warmer. Seems like spring is having a hard time getting sprung this year. 

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