Wednesday, February 13, 2013

little love 'projects'

Christian enjoys a good simple project...anything with paint is usually considered an exciting thing!
I had him paint four small canvases.

Then we took the glitter part outside. It's fun, but it sure does make a mess. It was a nice day, so after the glitter was on the glue, we left it outside for the Kansas wind to take care of the loose stuff.

I made some pizza...heart shaped, with heart shaped pepperoni. doesn't take much to impress Christian. Because that's really who I do this for...Ben isn't exactly a fan of this "made up holiday".  He's come a long way on acknowledging it though :) 

And my littlest love..just as sweet as can be. The "love" canvases found their home on the window frame. We hung up hearts in various places that "we" (he doesn't remember watching) made in the past. And this year I made a mini valentine bunting at Mom's house...those are fun to make...I think we'll have to make more!

And last...Christian and I made some valentine cupcakes...complete with sprinkles. 
He had made lots of valentine hearts, that he would cut out and then color the inside. A couple of our neighbors got some cinnamon rolls and apple butter..and a sweet homemade valentine from Christian.

We had fun doing our very simple little projects...
love him.

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