Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Noah [4 months]

Happy FOUR months, sweet baby!

This last month you have changed looks daily almost...not necessarily completely different each time..but just different aspects seem to vary. 
Your hair is now very light brown, and you have very long eyelashes.
Your eyes remain very blue..not quite as deep as they were.
You are packing on some rolls to the upper thighs still...and starting on some for your ankles and wrists, oh and maybe an extra chin too.
Some say you look like your brother...and somedays I agree..other days, not so much.

You are holding your head up much more easily.
You are not rolling over yet...I don't think you've even given it a thought. :)

You are a very good listener. You love to be talked to!
 I enjoy our visits...sometimes you have your own stories you share, other times you squeal and sing to me. You can go from serious to playful in a matter of seconds :) (However, you can also go from playful to seriously grouchy in a matter of seconds too!)

You are ticklish. Its so funny...your brother was never very ticklish...and you are the opposite.
I love when I "get you" on your belly or neck...you do your 'cough laugh' and make  big ol' smile.
You are becoming more cuddly...I'll give you big squeeze hugs and you burrow your head and smile so big. Little love bug you :)

You still LOVE your baths. We moved your tub to the bathtub instead of the sink. You can really get some waves going in that little tub of yours. You kick like crazy!

Another favorite spot of yours...the changing table. It usually brings instant gratification. I will often let you kick and sing for quite awhile on there. You really like bedtime when you get all your clothes off...ob boy, I think if we'd put a pedometer on you..you could log some serious 'steps'. 
You also get excited about the fan (even when its stationary) and the lights in the ceiling. Who knew how exciting those could be?!

You love your big brother. If he slows down enough for you to watch him...you love to follow what he's doing with your eyes. And every once and awhile when he tries to have a conversation with him...you're very intent on what he has to share. He helps pull your ladybug in your bouncer seat for you, and will show you the various baby toys that you aren't able to hold yet by yourself.

Happy little guy. You eat about every 3-4 hours during the day. And you have been going about 5-7 hours in the late evening to middle of the night...and then back to 3-4 hours. So, you're not exactly sleeping through the night yet. You're getting better about the fussy/gassiness...but when it shows up,  boy does it show a fiesty side of you.

Your bottom two teeth are having a competition of who can break through first. Both of them have little bits of white peeking through your gums...but neither have come in all the way. I'm thinking this is the contributing factor for all your drool and bubbles. Your fist and my fingers are your favorite 'toy' to chew on. I've tried giving you teething toys..but apparently they are not as appealing.

"Peek-a- boo"
You usually smile at those three words.

I'm sure you have more to show us during this fourth month of your life...
it seems like the time just keeps going by so fast.
You are such a sweet little guy...and I love you so very much.

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