Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This guy is quite the fella.
Meal times are SO unpredictable, it gets slightly frustrating to say the least some days.
One day a sandwich and carrots is gobbled up with no problems, the next day you would've thought I had asked him to eat cooked peas (which I made him try with his eyes shut recently...and sure enough he truly does not like them...he gagged). Oh well, anyways, we bring alot of creativity to the table to get him to eat...anything somedays. 
On this particular day he was doing alright with a leftover hamburger and fries...with a side of 3 year old personality.

Quite determined. Downside= bossiness. Upside= he tries new things (this is good and bad I suppose)
He knows all about consequences from being bossy...unfortunately, that does not stop him from testing that out very often some days.

He has an imagination. How he talks to his toys in different voices and carries on full conversations for a long time on his own is simply hilarious. His favorite lately is his "excavator arm" (this helps him eat or hand me things when I ask for help). I know in the picture above he was talking to the french fry with his excavator arm.

He has a laugh that is SO contagious. When its an all out laugh...it gets me everytime. Making silly faces or saying things with a funny voice...or no words, just humming it. That is a new favorite thing, "mmm.mmmm.mmm.mmm" and he'll say, "what's that mean?" SIMPLE game...but he could do it for a LONG time.

When he has an idea about how things should be...it is VERY difficult to change his mind sometimes, and other times...not even worth trying to change it. Such as wearing a mitten as a sock. It was a must...ALL day long!

He got a soccer ball for Christmas from Aunt Carissa and Uncle Tim. Almost everyday he asks, "Can I play soccer when Daddy comes home?" And when the weather cooperates...they do. I am kind of impressed that he can run and kick the ball at the same time. Maybe that's basic, but it looks like it would be hard for little legs to do.

Playing at the park.
 We took Grandma with us one day almost a month ago..it was such a nice day to get out and enjoy the sunshine! Its good to run around and get rid of that excess energy. It's no wonder after too many days of staying inside that all sorts of attitudes show up. I'm glad we're able to enjoy these days outdoors :)

 This picture was taken before church on Wednesday night...it was "pajama night". He was decked out from head to toe. However, I feel like we have random theme's throughout our day anyway. He is hilarious about putting on either actual clothing type wear....or making up something to create a new look and call it clothing. One night he asked to go to bed with his nail apron on. Other days he wears his sunglasses with his pajamas. Often, there are slippers involved. And thanks to Grandma...we have these ridiculous dinosaur ones to show off now :)

He has been very curious and inquisitive for quite awhile now....and that side of him doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Anytime he hears a new word of phrase, he needs it to be repeated...and then further explained to know what it means...so then he will reuse it, and reuse it FREQUENTLY or at a random moment. Some of these topics include, "silver teeth", also known as fillings..but to him they are silver teeth and they are in people's mouth when they had too much candy to eat. It's tricky to explain even this though, because then he will later see a complete stranger with a "silver tooth" and tell me, "that person ate too much candy, he has silver teeth." But really it can be ANYTHING, the exhaust on the car, meteor showers, the lagoon....you get the idea. His vocabulary continues to grow, and he is not a shy person in general...so the combo makes for very lengthy conversations with most anybody that will give him the time of day. And if they won't...he will TRY very hard to get them to talk to him. The other night we went to a basketball game, and the man sitting next to us talked briefly to Ben. Christian desperately wanted to tell him about his toy and how it worked, etc etc. The man had no interest, or maybe just didn't hear him. I tried telling him he was talking to daddy, or he was busy, or I acted that he was just telling me..so I responded to his explanation. Nope, not good enough, "No, I am trying to talk to that man. I want to tell him about it." Oh mercy. I'm thinking he may be headed in the direction of a few other male figures in this family.

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