Friday, February 1, 2013

Big Brother. Little Brother.

I'm so glad that Christian loves his brother. 
It's so sweet and funny to hear him talk to Noah...usually its something like this,
"Hiiii Noah. Hiiii. Hiiiii." Over and over again. Or, 
"You gonna talk to me Noah? Good morning." Or the random ones, when he doesn't realize someone is listening, 
"Heeyyy buddy." or "Ohhh, honeey." "It's alright Noah, its alright. We didn't leave you."

Christian wants to be wherever Noah is. It's kinda of funny, because I'm sure this will be the reverse situation in a matter of months. When I gave Noah a bath with my little observer...he said,
"I like Noah. (pause) I LOVE Noah. And he loves me."

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