Monday, September 17, 2012

MN trip: Natalia's Wedding

Mom, Christian and I drove up to MN for my cousin Natalia's wedding near Minneapolis.
We left Saturday morning, and were able to make it to Camille's place (another cousin) for supper and birthday party for Molly (Kyle & Julie's youngest) and Russell. 

The little birthday girl...opening her gifts, she was so proud of her "back pack".

Hannah, Camille & Russell's little girl...the hat was actually mid-falling off her head!

Russell and Molly...the birthday boy and girl!

A true party...with hats and all! 
Isaac has quite the perplexed look....Christian giving a BIG ol' smile!

Sunday morning, we ate breakfast at the hotel, and then headed to IKEA **yay!!** Our time went by so quickly..then we got ready for the wedding and headed that way. It was a beautiful day!

Drew & Natalia's wedding
9-16-12 @ 2 pm

At the reception:
There was three separate stations for getting had salad, one had little mini hamburgers with the fixin's and chips...and one had macaroni that you could add one of three different cheese sauces and then toppings.

Carol (aunt) & Mom

While we were waiting for the cake to be cut..we went outside to let the little people run around.

Kyle & Molly

This cracked me up...Christian wanted to mimic whatever Isaac did. 
Isaac stopped to look at Christian stand right next to him to look in the same direction.

Isaac turns to look somewhere did Christian!

I thought these two just looked too CUTE!!

Congrats to you Natalia & Drew!!! May you have a lifetime of fun and blessed years of marriage together :)

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