Friday, September 28, 2012

In the life of Christian

This month has not necessarily been "busy"...but Christian keeps his daily life full of varies activities...
some that involve me, and some that SHOULD involve me but don't.
These are some of things he has been doing.

1. I was going through things in baby brother's room, trying to organize and such..
and Christian feels as though he should try out the vibrating/recliner, and get out anything and everything else that he hasn't seen in the past 2 years!

2. He gave me my first bouquet (picked by him)!! He really knows a way to a mama's heart :)
He was so proud when he handed these to me outside, telling me how beautiful they are.
"They are for YOU mama!!! They are so BEAU-TI-FUL!"

3. Talking on the phone (its resting in the window sill  on speaker phone)...talking to Carissa.
He often will say at random times throughout the day..."let's call somebody. I think we should call Carissa." If she doesn't answer and it goes to her voicemail..."Oooo-hh. She is not ANSWERING. Ahh, let's try Mitchell." After a couple rings, "ahh, he's not ANSWERING either!"

Luckily, one of them usually answers...and his conversations vary in length. Almost always, his answer to "how are you today?" is "oh, pretty good." And then, he'll sometimes start out with blurting out the latest thing he did that he got in trouble for, and he'll say, "I was not obeying mama!"

You never know what he might say.

4. He packed his pockets FULL of crayons.
This is how he likes to play...either filling his little back pack FULL of trains/cars, or hooking things together with whatever has the slightest "hook" to it, or "saving the day" by tying a string around a toy...its always something!

5. He's such a ham.
He's big thing to say when he's proud of "I'll show-ya! Come...I'll show-ya!!"

6. He helped himself to the boots and the back door..and didn't figure he needed to worry about pants.
While outside, if not trying to chase after a "chipmunk" aka squirrel...he is finding a stick to play with.

7. OR simply playing in the dirt.

8. OR picking up rocks.
This one just so happened to be a big daddy. And even though we've gone over never EVER throwing rocks (except for in the water/pond)....he thought it would be harmless to toss this one up...and it just so happened to land on my barefoot (just in the right...or WRONG spot). Ouch. He knew it right away too...he got in my face as I was lying on the ground telling me sorry over and over. "Sor-wee mama...I'm sor-wee. Sor-wee mama!" It wasn't funny at the time, but as I'm crying..he's still in my face saying, "no, you're okay. It is okay!?!" 
Oh, little man, you're a little rascal..but you have a good heart.

Anyways, that's some of what he been up to. 
Well, that and #9 would be....NOT taking a nap most days in the last couple weeks.
Oh mercy, but that isn't a pretty picture both literally and figuratively.  After several days of letting it take up a BIG chunk of the afternoon...I think we've both come to a better place. Some days he's back to napping, others...he is at least quiet and in his room "resting" for a period of time.
It's a work in progress...and then a new baby will come...that will straighten everything out! 

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the brokaws said...

luke wanted to check in on Christian this morning and almost fell off his chair laughing at the photos of him wearing undies and boots w/no stuff.