Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting closer

Baby brother is closer to his arrival, still has a little over a month to cook.
He and I are doing well..I have to go every week now to get a sono due to his irregular heart beat they found the last appointment I had. Not overly concerning necessarily, but it's something to be monitored and so that's what we are doing!

I realized I haven't taken any pictures of him while in my belly...partly out of negligence, party out of not needing proof that indeed he is in there and it makes my body change shape. 
But...then I decided one evening, maybe I'll wish I had a couple pictures...hence these, and some of Christian just for fun.

              33 weeks
The pictures went downhill pretty rapidly...I never know how to naturally, looking purposefully ridiculous is a good option!

We look forward to meeting you baby brother...but you can stay in there a little while longer!

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