Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bergey family: Betty's funeral

Ben's grandma Bergey (Betty) passed away on Aug 16, and the funeral service was on Aug 31. 
I didn't have the chance to know Betty prior to her strokes that changed her significantly. The funeral was a very good service to hear about her life, and the many things she had done and what her personality really was like! It was very fulfilling. 

On Saturday evening, John and Chris let the Bergey family who was still around come to their house to enjoy the pool and grilled hamburgers. We had a good time.

A few random pictures on the way to their house...I'm pretty sure we take a different route every time (not intentionally!).

Christian and I were having a country music sing-along on the drive...
and Ben, well it looks as though we lulled him to sleep!! Yikes. Maybe he just wasn't impressed with our singing.

Pool fun! 

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