Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Ball Burrito"

This is the arboretum in Hesston.
We like to go here...to walk around, to check out the turtles, and for Christian to throw rocks in the water!

It was such a nice day...sunny and beautiful weather. We had gone to Mom 2 Mom (which he likes this year...YAY!) and decided to check out the arboretum on the way home. Christian used to call it the "burrito", and now its more something like "ball burritum". At any rate, he loves this place!

Collecting his rocks to throw in the pond.

Today, he could've stayed on this bridge for HOURS throwing rocks in.
I let him play for a really long time, it was just as entertaining for me to watch him!

Next, we checked out the new flower garden. 
It has lots of flowers to attract butterflies..he had fun trying to catch them!
So pretty.

See the butterfly all the way to the left?!?

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