Monday, August 20, 2012

Christian's conversations [bedtime]

Normally Ben puts Christian to bed, even when I'm not at work. And the last two evenings, he had things to work I did. He usually has some of his best material in the morning when he wakes up, or when going to bed...and it is so hard to remember it all, so I wanted to write these down.

After a bedtime prayer, he asks..."Is God in the sky?"
"Well yes, kind of. He is in Heaven."
"I need to go to Heaven."
"What do you need to do there?"
"I need to give Great Grandma a kiss."
(Three days ago, Ben's Grandma passed away and we had told him that she died and is in heaven now.)
"Well, that would be very nice Christian, I'm sure she would love to have kiss."

That's all I could say. Not only because what more do you need to say to something so sweet...but because it made me think...he never got to meet his other Great Grandma that is in heaven...and would also LOVE so much to meet and have a sweet kiss from him!

"Mama, I think Daddy will come lay with me."
"No, I'm going to tonight."
"It's alright Mama. It's okay. God will keep you safe (as he pats my head). Now Daddy can come lay with me."
(trying not to laugh to loud) I said, "Well, I'm glad you know that God is keeping me safe, but I think I'm still going to lay with you tonight, unless you'd rather lay by yourself."
", I just need Daddy to lay with me. It's alright Mama."

This went on for SEVERAL minutes....and then he said, "Ok Mama, I will tell you a story."
And then he would proceed with, "Once upon a time....." (there was about 3 separate stories that were very involving a rabbit and chipmunk, one with a goose, and the last had a rabbit and something else in it). And at the "end" of each story I would say, "that was a nice story."
Then I said, "Now I will tell you a story."
"Ok, you can."
"Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Sam. And Sam had a nice big boy bed, with nice cozy blankets. And one night Sam's mama wanted to lay down with him at bedtime, and he didn't think he was tired. He decided it was a good idea, and crawled into bed, and said, "Oh yes, my bed is cozy and I AM tired. And then he fell fast asleep."
"Oh, yeah. That was a good story. Now, I will tell a story to God."
"Well, typically we just pray to God."
"No, I need to tell him a story."
"Ok, go ahead, this will be the last story."
"Once upon a time.....(I think it was another REALLY short story about a rabbit, and it didn't really seem to have an ending). need to say, that was a nice story."

Then it went onto me laying in his bed with him...which involved more patting of my head, then soft pets on my arm. And more random statements.
He can give some SERIOUS effort into stalling, and it can be pretty funny, but then again it can get pretty old..because I know exactly what he is doing. Part of me allows it for a little while, just to hear all the things his mind can come up with (and then I only remember a fraction of it...I should really bring some kind of recording device :)).

What a guy.

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