Friday, July 13, 2012

MN trip [pre reunion]

On July 7, my cousin's son, Dustin died unexpectedly....just so sad, 23 years old...just married 28 days before. There really are no words to describe how sad it is. The funeral was on July 12, so we drove up a day before we were planning on for the Birky reunion, to attend. Death is just a hard thing, especially an unexpected young person's death. The only thing that makes it bearable for those left on earth, is to know that believer's will go to a much greater place in Heaven, and someday we will get to reunite with them again. At the burial, it lightly rained just for a couple minutes...almost as if God was even crying. Christian looked up and said, "Why is everyone sad...Dustin is in Heaven now!" 
If only our human emotions were as simple as that. I will continue to pray for Dustin's family and new bride, as it is just terrible hard to understand the pain they all feel.

On the drive to MN...

We went to Carol & Kenny's house Thursday afternoon and evening. It was so nice outside, so we played games outside...then had a very yummy supper!

 The sunset that evening was simply amazing...the picture does not grasp the BEAUTY.

We stayed at Tam (my cousin) & Cal's did Brent & Alyssa's family. Friday morning, the kids had fun exploring outside. It's so nice to have nice weather :) Then in the afternoon, we headed north to the camp that the Birky reunion was being held.

These two are buddies....Kade and Christian.

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