Monday, July 16, 2012

MN trip [Duluth]

We left the reunion following lunch, and headed to Duluth, MN.
Since we aren't going on another trip this summer for our family vacation..we decided to extend this trip  just a little. Mitch had a work appointment in Duluth the next day, so we all spent some time together in the afternoon/evening.

The highlight was the suspension bridge...oh man, did Christian love this thing! 
When Mitchell said something about it, he said, "Yeah, we can go on the suspension bridge. We can go on it. Ok, we will. Can we go on it? Can we?" This repeated itself only about 15 times, before we could actually get to the point of seeing it, and then we walked across it.

 There was a ship that was supposed to be coming through, so we walked around a bit more along the shore and then along the walkway to the lighthouse.

We ate at "Grandma's Place" = yummy!! They had an outdoor patio area, that was in direct view of the suspension bridge, in case the ship decided it would go through. Christian thanked our waiter for each thing he was bringing that earned him another apple juice from the waiter :) He was in quite a thankful mood.

Within 5 minutes of sitting down, the ship was heading through...(Christian was given a lemon slice...hence his strange face!)

We left Duluth, and went about 30 miles north, just past Two Harbors to stay at a place I reserved from a Groupon. It was a train car consisted of 17 train cars that were made into "suites" (rather small). I thought Christian would get a kick out of it since he's a bit of a train fan. It was dark when we got there, but I told him we were inside a train car and that's where we got to sleep...he didn't know quite how to process that.
 He started moving side to side and said, "Is the train car moving, if I do this will it move the train? I think the train will wake up now, and then it will move." The next morning, we had a light breakfast there, and then walked around the outside a bit before heading down to Two Harbors to explore.

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