Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beat the heat

It's's hot.
It's hot everywhere...most regions in the US are hot, so there's really no need to complain, because that's just the way it is. 

I'm SO very grateful that we have a home that has air conditioning, we have cars that have air conditioning, I work by 12 hour shifts in air conditioning, and we have running water.
I feel for those that don't have one or all of these things...that would just be really hard.

So anyways...
on the lighter side, in order to "play" outside, water has to be involved for it to be enjoyable.
We have used both the sprinkler park in town and the water park in McPherson for this! 
Yay for both :)

At the water park with the rest of the family.
Brent and Alyssa....and Mom floating down the lazy river.

Dad with the kids in the splash area.

 Ben doing a cannon ball! (I think that's Dad in the pool.)

Maddox going off the diving board! (Yep, it is Dad in the pool.)

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