Monday, July 2, 2012

Almost 3...

Just a month away from turning THREE...

Frequent sayings and quotes from CMH...

"Oh....I didn't KNOW that" (after he's told or given something for the very first time).

"Because, I just want to......because.....because I just need to.....because.....because." (because = frequent usage!)

"I don't need to sleep."
 (Often said well before either one of us has even mentioned it's naptime or bedtime...a clear sign he is INDEED very ready to lay down!)

"Baby bro'ler...." "Is baby bro'ler going to pop out of your belly?"
He is frequently referring to his baby brother throughout the days.

"When I get big like Mitchell, I can go off the diving board. I can. When I get big like Mitchell."
(Apparently Mitchell is the current reference to "big".)

Current supper prayer (this is every supper...not just a one time occurrence of the pause part) :
"Thank you for the food." Pause...he looks up and says, "Do we say Dear God first?" 
Then he restarts...
"Dear God, thank you for this food." Pause...looks up and says, "But we haven't eaten yet!" 
Then he restarts..."Dear God, thank you for this food..and thank you for Grandma and Grandpa...and thank you for... (each food item that is on the table gets a separate thank you)."

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