Sunday, July 1, 2012

A special visit from a very special family

My very dear friend Ranee, and her family from Iowa came to visit us.
They arrived Thursday afternoon....
we showed them around the place a little,
the kids had fun exploring the toy options,
ate some supper,
then had dessert in honor of Justin's 30th birthday in May!

After supper we took a walk with the wagons to Crosswinds..
a place that we usually like to go to look at the pond and check out the bullfrogs.

With the lack of rain, and the rather warm (HOT) weather...the pond didn't exactly look like it did a few weeks ago. It was barely there! And what was there was very mucky.

 Can you find the bullfrog?? 
See what I mean about gross...that can't be desirable even for a frog.

Ranee and I went to Newton in the morning to check out some sidewalk sales...
we found a few bargains (that's almost to be expected :) ).
After we got home, we packed up a picnic lunch and loaded everyone up for a visit to the park.

I love their expressions. Meet Luke and Tessa. 

After our picnic we went to the sprinkler park, just a block away. Oh boy, there were shrills of joy! Christian had never been...he was a pretty big fan!!

So was Luke...

 (blurry picture...but it was too perfect not to include..the buckets were a hit!)

Tessa tried it out maybe wasn't her favorite thing ever.

It was pretty chilly water, regardless of how warm it was observing.
I can't tell if Christian was just cold or had to "go"...maybe both, who knows.

We went home and some long naps were taken. 
Then we decided to go to Freddy's for supper (I'm probably their #1 fan, so I thought it would be appropriate to introduce the Brokaws).

 There were three very silly kids that wanted their pictures taken...

And..a very special treat was their new Freddy's t-shirts!!! Thank you to Justin and Ranee (this also meant they got free frozen custard...oh my!)

Future Freddy's advertisement....

And to top it off, we made a trip to Target..with our "triplets" (as one person asked).

A few stories before bed...and we completed our day!

Ranee and I have many things in common.
We had a list of these in college. of these things now, is how the blogging world has made its place in our interests when free time presents itself. We share many of the same blogs that we follow (we occasionally talk about them as if we are pals and we all know each other...except they don't really even know either one of us exist). All of this to say, Saturday morning we went to check out an antique store and "barn" of sorts that has been featured on one of the blogs called Whatever. Alyssa came with us, she even chauffeured us..AND she has an actual connection with this blog lady, so she's legit if she acts as though she knows this blog lady. Regardless. we found some treasures to take home. It was a little overwhelming all the possibilities you could buy...the creativity could really get going!

We ate at a local deli place..and had a delicious wrap.
Meanwhile, the men were watching the kids...which I must say was mighty appreciated! 
The two of them didn't seem to have any troubles coming up with things to talk about...which is a good problem to have :)

That afternoon we had a tour of Kansas Electric from Dad.
Complete with a ride on the lift, checking out the machines, and icecream bars.
Everyone was pretty pleased :)

After naps, we played outside for awhile.
Then ate grilled pizza.
Then went to Mom and Dad's for dessert.

 I think we were checking out pinterest here...or possibly somebody's blog..either way, we were quite into it.

A few attempts at getting a picture of us, prior to the morning of leaving...
those husbands of us were a little out of control with the picture snapping!

I love this dear lady...she is quite special to me :)

 And a story before leaving from MJ!

Thank you SO much for coming to visit!
I do hope our next visit is soon...but in the meantime we have our blogs and phone calls to keep us up to date :)

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the brokaws said...

wow it was fun...i love the funny face photos of the kids. and maybe not so much the funny ones of us. :) i'm already thinking about what we need to include during our next visit.