Sunday, June 3, 2012

A muddy birthday party

We went over to Mom and Dad's for my birthday meal on Sunday. 
I had requested tacos, and then grilled vegetables..because that's what sounded SO good..and it was!
And fruit pizza for dessert :)

Meanwhile, the hot tub was getting drained because Mom had filled it to have something to use as a temporary "swimming pool". Well, Brent had an ingenious idea to create a way to hold the water in the "dirt pit" where the real pool used to be. 
Oh my...the kids loved it.
It was only a little HUGE mess.

It started out innocent..I thought I'd better take off Christian's clothes and just leave the diaper on just in case he would get a little muddy.

After a few falls in the mud, the decision was confirmed to be a good one.

And then he went ahead and topped off the look by COVERING himself in mud.

They all had fun...what a night.

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the brokaws said...

that last photo is just priceless. :)