Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June recap [Christian]

***A bike ride with the arboretum and we checked out all the turtles!!***

***Learning how to ride a tricycle!!***

*** :( A couple Dr visits, allergy medicine, breathing treatments, and inhalers later...we're good to go!***

***Thinning apples from the tree in the backyard, hopefully they'll stick around to see what kind they are!***

***One of the many breathing treatments...what a good sport***

***Digging in the dirt***

***A surprise visit from Uncle Mitch in the fire truck!!! We went for a short ride :) ***

***Mama told me I could put her headband you like it? ***

***I need my shades.....or mama's..either way. I love to tell people what this shirt says when I wear it.... I. DIG. MY. DAD!***

***Helping in the garden. Learning that we only pick tomatoes when they are red!***

***In need of some rain***

***New glasses***

***Coloring outside, with my new grown up haircut!***

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