Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day

We had our own special Father's Day Sunday.
We had church in Mom and Dad's basement, followed by brunch...YUM!!!

Mom reading the "children's story"

Picking songs for our "congregational music"

Here are the Daddy's...

Oh my...all these fellas are quite special in one way or another (too bad we didn't take this before Tim & Carissa had to leave for the airport!)

Ah, yes...there it is..the normal for these guys!

And since I didn't get any on the actual day...I needed to include a couple of the Daddy that lives here with his little boy!

Christian loves his Daddy very much...
he often calls on him to fix things in the "repair shop"
he usually has him tuck him in at night...Daddy knows the right songs
he helps him do projects that involve tools
he wants to be "BIG and STRONG like Daddy!!"

I'm so grateful for Ben..and his ability to be such a good Daddy. 
I have no doubt he will be able to help train our boys how to be respectful, hard working men, God-loving men like he is.

Thank God for Daddy' he is the best kind, the Heavenly One!

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