Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family times

With the open house coming up for Kansas Electric, we got to spend time with family we don't always get to see...Carissa & Tim, Grandpa Birky, and Stanley. And Camille & Russell happened to be in town this week visiting..so we got to see them too..and baby Hannah!

Hannah taking a joy ride in a dump truck at Mom and Dad's house.

We were able to celebrate Alyssa's birthday all together and Carissa's birthday (which I don't have pictures off :( )

Carissa, Tim and Grandpa came over one day to see the basement project. While they were there Tim put in a handy motion sensor light in our laundry room!! That was a pleasant surprise...didn't mean for him to come over to work!

Grandpa seeing and hearing all about the basement project from the boss himself :)

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