Saturday, June 16, 2012

Camp fire, water park, nails, and sparklers

The week brought special fun things with the family...

Sunday night we had a the highest form of classiness one can imagine!

Our fire master himself, Ben...enjoying a hot dog fired to perfection!

Then there's me..belly and all, with the scrap wire in the background.

And then there's Mom...sitting on the most comfortable seat.

Regardless of how it looked, it was fun to have a wienie roast and smores!!

Then Monday...we (women and kids) went to the water park.

Wednesday..we went to get our nails done..Ava too!
Poor Alyssa had 6 stitches in her foot the day before, so no pedicure for her..but luckily her hands were good to go for a manicure :)

Ava got the rainbow on her hands and feet...too fun!

On Saturday we topped off our week with sparklers after supper..we all enjoyed them, even Grandpa!

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