Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

 Memorial weekend we got to see Kenny & Carol (uncle/aunt), Natalia & Drew (cousin/her fiance), Grandpa & Grandma H, and Jack & Karen (Ben's uncle/aunt).

Kenny, Carol, Natalia, and Drew were all here for a wedding they attended. We got to see them over at Mom and Dad's where they stayed though, so that was nice to get to visit and see them for a little bit.

Then on Saturday evening, we went over to Grandpa & Grandma Bergey's place for supper. Jack and Karen came from Colorado. So we spent time with them and Grandpa & Grandpa H, and Sam too.
Grandpa H and Christian walking down by the water, while the food was getting ready.

Christian was pretty excited to get a present from them...a lego dump truck...and some clothes...and some colored gold fish! 

And then we ate together Sunday noon. A rather odd photo arrangement..but it has all of us in there all the same.

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