Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soon to be known as...

the basement!

When we moved in, these are a few images of our basement.
A beautiful bedroom with bright blue shag carpet... 

and another bedroom with what I call sunday school room paneling...

the main area had paneling on one wall, a bathroom off to the right, and the remainder unfinished.

I had to put this one in there...look how little Christian looks! That was a little over a year ago.

and there's the stairs in all their glory

So...we've already done some changes (we = mostly Ben). Last spring break the egress windows were installed into both bedrooms. That included gutting both of those sad to see the carpet and paneling go :(...maybe not.

Then over the summer and into this spring we have slowly removed more things to be able to completely redo the basement. 
Ben took out the bathroom..whew, which was good, it was NOT pretty above the ceiling.

 And then this last week, he took out the wall to the one bedroom..which will then make that bedroom bigger when it is refinished. He also took off the rest of the wall in the main area. its pretty much gutted and ready to be redone! Easy, right!? Probably not easy, but hopefully a good chunk of it will get started when Ben is on spring break next week. I'm hoping anyway :)

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