Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MJ..Mexico 2012

I got a disc of pictures that mom had taken in Mexico and didn't really feel like going back and changing I thought I'd just pick out a few I really liked and put them on their own.

Just a typical day...on the beach, eating pizza.

This was on the 1st afternoon there...the activity was soccer and so all the boys and I participated....take note of the guy to the left that is really tan and is in black shorts.

There's me..I did more than just stand there (not claiming I was any good at my contributions)...until that man that I made note of totally stomped all over my right shin. That sucker bruised up IMMEDIATELY...I no longer felt the need to play a little "harmless" game of soccer on the beach.

Family photo with the first sand castle...

 The big boys in front of sand castle #2

 the front side of sand castle #2

 Our family mexico shirts...

 Nice job looks like a screensaver...or maybe it is your screensaver. Either way..its a pretty picture. 

 The last day there..Christian thought it was SO funny to dump a cup of water on Grandpa's head.
Oh man would he giggle!

 A little game of hot potato

 Aren't they precious...

GJ, MJ :)

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