Friday, February 17, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane....[mexico day 1]

I have been counting down the days since Mom and Dad told us they were treating all of us to another trip to Mexico. So excited!! We left bright and early Friday morning, along with 1100 other people at the airport that morning that were flying out in the 2 hr time frame. That seems a little crazy for Wichita...see if you recognize anyone in this video clip from the local news that morning.  Two seconds of fame!!

Anyways, we made our flights (literally running to get on both of them, in Wichita and in Houston). Christian did pretty good on the plane ride, he especially liked the turbulance, "wheeee, I like that!"  while we were getting into Houston.

 We were meeting Carissa and Tim in Houston for the final flight to Cancun. After a seriously jammed packed ride on the tram, we were all running to get to the gate..I was carrying Christian (saying, "I don't like going this fast!")...looked over and the Gredlers were running next to me..funny way to meet up with each other!!

We made it down to Cancun about 11ish. After a bit of a luggage issue we made it to the resort and were enjoying the wonderful sun rays and water by early afternoon! Ahhh, yes, this is what I was so excited about! Everyone together...the beach...the warm sun....SO GREAT!

Christian's first reaction of the ocean! When we were here 2 years ago, he wasn't exactly thrilled about it.   He loves it now though :)

A long day..mid afternoon siesta in the sand. Ben actually was resting his eyes...Christian is just copying him!

That night most of us called it a night earlier than normal. We had a full day, and it was only the beginning of several more :)

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