Tuesday, February 21, 2012

adios...Mexico [mexico-day 5]

Our last day on the beach...Christian was put inside the sandcastle from yesterday. I guess I did have a picture of my side..it had a sea turtle on it too.

We didn't have to leave until shortly after noon, so we spent a little time at the beach and a little in the pool. It was hard to get out to get packed up :(

 There was no running in airports this time. A little of the opposite, but that's okay.
We had perfect weather the whole trip..it was just a good vacation. The only bummer was that Mom was sick for part of it, and was on some medicine that made the sun rays do crazy things to her poor skin...but she managed to take part in all the activities and felt better by the end. We all received some sun!!!
The look out of my window in the plane coming into Houston. Christian slept almost the whole trip from Cancun to Houston....not at ALL the trip from Houston to Wichita...he was a jabberbox!! I said that to him, and he happily exclaims, "I not a jabberbox..I CHRISTIAN!" The lady ahead of us I'm sure got an ear full of the random stories he was telling! 

Gracias padre y madre!!!

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