Saturday, January 28, 2012

Laundry Room

I haven't ever really posted any "before" and "after" photos of our house...
due to the fact that there haven't been any "after" photos to speak of.

So there you have it..this is the first before and after photo shoot from this home...

Picture taken from the doorway of the kitchen, looking at the door to the garage.
The freezer that came with the house is no longer part of this household.


So these pictures definitely make it look worse than when we moved in. I don't have pictures to prove it otherwise, but these are a bit exaggerated since I was trying to box up the "pantry" otherwise known as an entertainment center so we could move it out of the room to get started with the project.
The office became just a touch of a disaster zone!

These were the two project managers for the job. 
Ben had built that shoe shelving thing behind him last winter which was super handy.
This picture is taken against the window that is in the laundry room. The door on the right (yellow) goes to the kitchen, the door that is open is the office, and the door to the left that Ben replaced sometime last spring (YAY!!! It helped reduce the number of crickets that could crawl under the door...gross!)  is to the garage.

This kind gentlemen destroyed the was disgusting. You don't want to know what was up there. Let's just leave it at..I'm glad I was insistant it came down.


Next we, and when I say WE, I mean WE hung sheetrock to the ceiling.
Also, note I would not recommend doing this the way we did it. We got larger sheetrock, so there would be fewer seams to mud. The room itself is not that large, however trying to manuver the three large, ACKWARD, and HEAVY sheetrock with a washer, dryer, and deep freeze still in the room was a touch difficult for the two of us. Oh, and I won't even go into the details of measuring and cutting the sheetrock...we'll just say it was not an easy task. While holding the sheetrock using my neck which was bent all sideways standing on top of the deep freeze...I actually felt more sorry for Ben because he was holding it up with one hand and trying to screw it in at the same time. Ahh, those are the moments that make memories :) Its a shame Christian couldn't have taken a picture to show how special this truly was!

I nearly, was a series of more "memories".
The west wall of the laundry room had was seperating from the floor. It wasn't an ongoing problem, but it had occured at some point in the 30+ years of this house's life. After we noticed this, it made WAY more sense how the many GIANT crickets had easily made there way specifically into the laundry room.
Ben's idea was to make a platform that was the depth of the washer and dryer to go underneath that area and the whole south wall. and then fill it with foam so it was sealed off. He did looked fine. I continued using the washer/ biggie..well not really. I had a load going in the washer while I was out playing in the backyard with Christian. I came in to switch out the laundry..and the house smelled clean, so fresh...tooo clean...tooo fresh. Oh dear. The laundry detergent that had been sitting on top of the dryer, wait, let me rephrase that...the brand spanking new big bottle of laundry detergent had been sitting on the dryer, and it was no longer in the bottle. Needless to say, the washer was somehow out of balance after its move to the platform and it did a major dance while I was outside that led to the huge, yet clean mess. (However, if this ever happens again, I do know of a rather quick way to clean it up.) Anyways. Long story short, our washing machine needed to was going to cost more to fix it than it was worth. AND..Ben decided to tear up the platform he had made and instead poured self-leveling cement, which he was very glad he did. The folks at the local lumber yard/hardware store and quite Ben says. We tore up the flooring on the west side, and it took several days for the cement to cure...but it did look ALOT better.

Next, the handyman himself laid the tile. Oh, the change was really starting to be exciting!

Next, came the paint. So, a small is not the color I had invisioned in my mind..but I am the one that picked it it will be the color the room will be for awhile anyway. And my little helper couldn't resist doing something to help out!

And while I was waiting on the paint to be mixed up at the store...and went ahead and purchased some cabinets. This wasn't exactly planned..but they were on sale, and I had the dimensions AND I like them!

I can't remember how Ben figured out that the wall behind the washer and dryer had mold underneath it..but it he replaced that and made the washer/dryer connection thing way more up to date.

Ahh, yes then there was the stairs issue. I think when Ben was tearing out something to do the tile, he noticed what was underneath the stairs..a little something like this..but way more disgusting in person. So he built new stairs too. He's handy I tell ya.

The pantry cabinet I bought, did not meet the standards I had for it was returned. Instead, Ben decided to make one. He added the same material to finish off the trim, and the baseboard. And of course used gobbs and gobbs of caulk.Yikes, he is a firm believer in the need to seal everything!

I needed to feel like I helped a little bit..but the truth is, Ben did 99% of the work.

We also bought new doors for the office and kitchen. Ben stained them..they look good. Its exciting to think that all the doors will look like that someday.
And we also got a new sink...yay!

Finally...oh, yes there was one more washing machine incident prior to the finish. But bottom line to that is..there are bolts that are connected to a new washer that MUST be removed prior to use. This will avoid a frantic woman trying to lay on top of the washer to prevent it from shaking violently. I called Ben, in a tizzy and I said, "It sounds like the whole house is going to fall down!!!" Poor Christian, wondering what on earth I'm talking about, just innocnetly looked at me and said, "No, mama. The house is not falling doooown!"


I'm glad its makes me happy.
I have MUCH more room to put food, and its CLEAN.
Thank you did good.


the brokaws said...

ummm...yeah. he's handy i'd say. this room is amazing! and i'm a fan of the orange. wtg, rm.

The Kempf Family said...

I have a few loads of laundry I'd like to bring over to do in THAT laundry room! Laundry is one chore I don't mind and if I had a room like that, I'd be making stuff dirty just to spend time there! What an awesome way to use the space. Love the new cabinets!

The Hershberger Home said...

well thank you..I am enjoying it :) Jenna AND both should just come over, because we would have a GREAT time :) We wouldn't have to do laundry even..