Sunday, January 22, 2012

"I like that"

Christian is getting more verbal everyday. He is expressing his emotions more and more..especially his feeling of liking something. He will say very emphatically, "I LIKE THAT (or it)." or his new thing is to say, "I love him. I want to hug him. I will rock him." Him = a stuffed animal, an imaginary person or animal, a phone, a train, or an actual person. It's rather funny. Somedays he is "loving" alot of different things. 

Here are a few of the things or activities that he likes these days...

His new sunglasses.
Hilarious. He didn't take them off for a long while the first day he got them. 
I'm glad, and I hope he continues his appreciation for them when we go on our trip to Mexico in a month.

Specifically Apple Jacks. On this particular day, he REFUSED to eat anything else. But when we finally resorted to Apple Jacks he'd gobble it up. I think officially he ate 6 bowls of it (2 at each meal time). He will eat other kinds..the trick is to have something exciting on the box..the marketing people really know their stuff when it comes to targeting a 2 year old. 

His beans.
His beans, that are now in a box are a go-to "toy". They had taken a lengthy vacation to a top shelf in the office after he had lifted the floor register and decided they needed to go down there. Regardless, he got them back, and he gets pretty creative with them some days. He climbed in there, and said, "I'm sleeping. (Fake snoring)." Hilarious, as he lays there with his bootie up in the air. And then he looks the other way and says, "I can see you through the window. Hiiiii! I can see you through the window. Can you see me through the window?" A lot of repeating of the same word sometimes, I don't really think about it until I'm writing it out :)

Being outside.
Most of the time when we play outside, one of the first things he grabs is a stick. 
Often it is referred to as a "rainbow" because he will get one with a bend or he will break it but it won't completely break in two. In the second picture he is pointing to the bird feeder Ben just put up. He likes to watch birds. He will say (referring to a bird), "I will catch him. I want to hold him, I will hug him."

His loves his daddy.
Who doesn't?? He's a fun guy, and the feeling are mutual. 

Watching his shows.
He has developed a liking to a few shows lately. On these colder days, that going outside is just not really a great idea..we have watched a few more shows. His favorites are Dinosaur Train (they are cute little dinosaurs), Veggie Tales, Wonder Pets (which he calls, "Wonder"fets"), Thomas the Train, and the trusty ol' "Kids Singing" (which is kids singing bible songs). They all have they're cute catchy songs or tunes that he will start singing at random times. In the picture below he is saying, dinosaur..."trrraaaiiin." (Even though it looks as if he may be wailing.)

It's music to my ears. There is nothing like hearing a laugh from a toddler. He has his fake laugh, which is like sucking in a little air like he hears some adults "chuckle"..and that is rather comical as well. But the true laugh...gets me every time.

I don't just "like" you little man....I LOVE YOU LOTS!

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