Friday, January 20, 2012

Bedtime rundown

I thought I should "document" Christian's typical bedtime rundown..just because its fun and our normal right now..and I'm sure that normal will evolve and become something else someday.

Eventually we say, "ooh, looks like its time to take a shower." And it never fails he wants to take SOME sort of toy in there with him. Often he suggests something quite large and non-shower friendly, such as his tractor. We usually settle on a plastic animal or the small kettle from the kitchen, or one of his plastic "coffee cups" from his play kitchen. Something, if you can make "it" say something such as, "oh, Christian, can I take a shower with you." He is very into imaginary talking. It is very funny. He will say in a much higher voice, "ah, yes, you can shower with you like to shower? I like to shower." This object or toy also accompanies him to the potty prior to the shower..he HAS to hang onto it. (It really does help to get him to go to the potty throughout the day as well..again, it doesn't really matter what object it is as long as it is "conversing" with him). So, he and daddy shower together and the only funny part I know about this is that Ben said the other day Christian was saying, "switch" so he could stand in front. Apparently that is a word Ben says in the shower..but it took him off guard when Christian was initiating when this happens. 

Showers over. (Ben has always said after the water is shut off. "Now we say, Mama, I'm ready.") So now, Christian instead will instantly say, "Now we say maaama.... mmaaammaaa." I think it is so funny when he says this, he says it so child-like and lovingly. So he's waddling towards the door in his towel, and I pick him up and we ALWAYS look in the mirror. Tonight when I picked him up, he said, "now we look in the mirror." 
I said, "oh, are you my little puppy dog." 
His reply.."bambino. I'm your puppy bambino." Oh he cracks me up. Usually I snuggle him up, hold him like a big baby and say, "oh my little bambino!" and then we look in the mirror for a moment. 
I guess it shouldn't totally amaze me that he remembers these things, but it just shows how much a child can pick up on repetition and link certain comments to activities. 

So I take him to his room, lay him down, and he will always say, "now I will go to sleep." He does NOT mean this. He will just roll over with the towel still wrapped around him and start his fake snoring/sleeping. He will say, "turn the lights out."

So I will for a couple seconds..and then we finally proceed to his pajamas, etc. We read several books in his "tent" in his room. He usually tries to read books in the living room, because than he 'thinks' that we really aren't ready for bed since its not in his room.

Eventually, we get done with the books...a few stalling techniques come out of the woodworks after we brush his teeth, "I need to go potty. I need to eat. I need aqua (yes he calls his water aqua at little hispanic child)."

He will pick which of us he wants to rock..he really spices it up..never really know who or why he chooses the way he does. We read ONE more book on the chair, rock for a short bit, and than lay down. I am a sucker...his daddy not so much..but he usually says "rub my back?" when I get up to lay him in his I do for a couple seconds and sing a song..and than we're done because his music that's playing can accompany him much better than my voice.

Not that this bedtime is anything that super special or different than anybody else's. Its the things that HE says almost EVERY night that I don't want to forget. Some nights are not very fun or easy..but instead of remembering those..I love thinking of the ones that he just cracks us up. He's just so...him. Ahhh, I love this kid.

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