Friday, August 12, 2011

we be plannin'

The beautiful sister...the future Mrs. Gredler :)

My dear sister Carissa is getting married in oh....a couple months.. Oct 15 to be exact. And lucky for us she came "home" this summer for a good chunk of August. So, we got to help get some things checked off her to-do list on her wedding plans. 
Wedding attire (bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dress, mama of the bride dress)....involved shopping, searching for burnt orange, trying on many dresses, still searching for burnt orange, online shopping, and more shopping. Oh, and going out to eat was in there a few times too! We are working with an adaptable we found some winners :)

The girls..Mom, Carissa, Alyssa, and I went to get pedicures one day. This didn't maybe involve much planning for the wedding..but it sure was fun. I think Carissa needs to come home more often, this kind of treatment is something I could get used to!

We also got to help with her invitations. They were her designed (by Alyssa), printed, and addressed..
it was fun :)

Not too much longer...and she will be a married woman!

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