Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birthday party with the Fredins

Christian is going to get three birthday "parties". 
This was the first one...the one on his actual birthday!
I had asked him a couple weeks ago what kind of cake he wanted...a bus, a truck, or Nemo. 

"Neeeemmmooo" And then he talked about "Nemo cake" for another 15 minutes. So I decided that I'd better make one :) It may not look exactly like him...but close enough for Christian's standards. 

We had our good friends the Fredins over for supper. We miss them (they were are neighbors in Wichita)!

Blowing out the "happy candles"...probably a close tie with opening presents on Christian's favorite thing about his birthday!

Liam and Nora helped Christian celebrate! They gave him a train and a digger!! Oh boy.


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