Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christian..our little BIG boy

Christian is 15+ months old now.
He weighed 22.7 lbs at his routine check up with his new pediatrician in Newton. That made him in the 22% for weight, but he was 74% for height. Oh well, either way the doctor said he was healthy and doing fine.

He got a new wagon with birthday money from Great Grandpa and Grandma Bergey. And oh boy, he thinks it's pretty fun to go on rides up and down our new road!

 He loves his cousins...
He loves to tickle Maddox and try get his attention.
He loves it when Ava talks and plays with him (I think the feelings are mutual).
And lastly Kade..since they are the closest in age, its funny to watch them together. Kade's like a big brother..he has so much fun showing Christian things..yet has a fun time giving him a hard time sometimes! 
They all love on him..and he loves them too! It's so nice to be able to see them often :)

 This light has been a 'focal' point for awhile while we were painting in the house, due to the lack of lighting at the time. Christian would try and climb up it and/or ride it often.

He climbs into pretty much anything he can manage to fit in. His dresser drawer, the toy bin, attempts to climb into the bathtub and up the entertainment center. He sits so cute on his little bench and taps his feet on the edge. He does very well with stairs (he's always went down backwards without much prompting).

 Happy little camper outside. He doesn't mind his hat and mittens now that its cold. In fact it was pretty funny when I had tried the mittens out on him in the house...he just walked around with just his shirt on and his mittens. I discovered it was couldn't pull the toilet paper off the roll, he couldn't quite grip the drawers to open them, etc.... Not to worry, I don't put them on him daily now..but it was pretty funny.

Things that he is saying and doing...
~says "ba-bye" and waves side to side...or says "hiiii" and waves to get your attention
~He makes the pig, dog, and monkey sounds...only the monkey is done with the correct name with accuracy.
~He LOVES making the monkey sound..pretty sure it was made this way because of his Daddy and Uncle Mitch being RIDICULOUS with their monkey impersonations. 
~He loves to pick up any cell phone and pretend like he's talking on it..follows it up with a "ba-bye" and LONG as you let him have it. He will also try to do this using a remote control or any other electronic device. And anytime ANYBODY'S phone rings (in public as well) he usually puts his hand up to his ear and says "heyyo" 
~He likes to hear music still..has since he was a little baby. When he wants his music on..he points to the stereo and starts his own way of singing. He's a real big fan of the song "Matilda the Gorilla" at Grandma Sweigart's house.
~He loves bath time..usually Daddy gives him his bath and they splash and carry on.
~He loves tractors. He pushes them, saying "brrrrrmm". It's so funny how little boys just know this. He also recently got a "hand me down" indoor riding tractor from his cousins..he's a big fan!
~He likes to be his mama's me get ready, cook in the kitchen, take the trash out...he's just curious to see what it is I'm doing with my time I guess :)
~ He does very well in the mornings after I work "usually". I usually get home around 3:30-4 I'm not exactly perky at 8:30..but I get him out of his crib and he will lie next to me in our bed for at least 30 minutes. He doesn't have a problem letting me know when he's done with that.
~He does alright with eating. Not the most gracious about trying just any kind of food (his Daddy hasn't taught him this yet I guess). But he loves his Yo-Baby yogurt, PB & J sandwiches, mini vanilla wafers, and cereal. He obviously eats more than just these things..but those are some of his favorites. I've discovered a good way to ration my eating is by eating next to him...he will eat almost anything that I'm trying to eat...I ordered a quesadilla for myself the other day..and he ate over half of it!
~He has gotten 3 more teeth within the last several weeks...making a total of 7 teeth. He still is gnawing on the sides of his there are more to come!

Alright, that's enough now.
(I'm more writing this down for my own sake..since I'm lacking on making a book for him. That's on the long term "to-do" list. I know at least Ranee understands this :) )

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the brokaws said...

I do understand! Love the hat and mitten picture...what a cutie!