Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birky reunion ~~ two

Saturday brings more fun...

In the morning, there were games for the kids...and then games for everyone...such as a scavenger hunt, followed by a group "bear hunt".

Then we all took a hayride, which ended at "cowpie stadium" for lunch and softball. I'm pretty sure we had the best hotdogs ever (and I don't even like hotdogs).

Josh (my cousin Donna's youngest son) squatting while he eats his watermelon :)

watching softball

Later in the afternoon we went to Grandpa's house. He has recently moved into town and is selling his home to my uncle/aunt. The siblings had gone through his things remaining and there was a large amount of items for "sale". It was bittersweet to see the house so empty, but I know it is part of life and am glad for all the good memories I've had there.

MANY family gatherings were held in this home...
Mom and Christian with Grandpa (great-grandpa)

In the evening we celebrated Grandpa's 90th birthday...a little early. His actual birthday is Oct 23rd, but why not celebrate twice :) We sang many songs and shared memories of Grandpa.

Then we took some pictures...
the grandchildren with Grandpa

The girls from the left: Tonya, Carissa, Camille, Tam, Kendra, Donna, Carmen, Natalia, me
The guys:  Michael, Brad, Kyle, Brent, Mitch, Darren (Brian and Matthew weren't able to make it)

the great-grands with GREAT grandpa
there will be 31 total in Sept (not all are pictured)
and there is 1 great-great grandchild :)

Grandpa is pretty GREAT I guess!

To top the night, Mom made popcorn..which is always a hit. Throughout the days we had PLENTY to is a Birky get together afterall!!
Cortney and Hailey watching Mom make popcorn

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Donna Carpenter said...

Hi Jess,
Do you have the pics anywhere we I could grab and print a few. You got some good ones of our boys. :)