Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birky reunion ~~ three

We had our very own church service..singing, children's story, an offering (nice memories that we wrote on paper for Gpa), and a message by Mitch. It was quite meaningful really.

Followed by another delicious meal...

In the afternoon some went back over to Gpa's house. 

Camille and I dancing to the music that the OLD record player/radio was playing

Isaac (Kyle and Julie's little boy) wanted the trailer to hook up to his tractor.
It actually worked..he just wanted it to Kyle pushed it. It was pretty cute!

Axton (Kandice's son) and Christian playing in the sand at Stanley's

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the brokaws said...

this comment is actually from luke since he had lots to say about this one!
"isaac drive tractor! isaac pull wagon! christian scoop dirt...uni" apparently he was excited to see a picture of his cousin, yet felt that christian should be part of the story since it is his blog. Such cute photos!