Friday, July 2, 2010

11 months!

Christian is 11 months old today!

He has 2 teeth, light brown hair that seems to be growing again (not sure about giving him a haircut yet though :) ), and his head seems to be on a the slightest sound he will turn to see what it is.

He still does his own version of crawling..but it remains quite effective in speed. He has learned to LOVE walking with help!

His meal times are not to be taken lightly. He likes his food, and he's getting a larger appetite! He has expanded his snacks...and is starting to learn how to grab them and actually get them in his mouth. He likes cheerios, vanilla wafers, his teething biscuits, and some fruit (but we still mash that up). He still doesn't really drink from his own bottle/sippy cup using his hands, even though I KNOW he is capable. 

He is into EVERYTHING! His favorite things to find and become very involved with are shoes, cords, tags on rugs, the kitchen cabinets/drawers, and anything involving the bathroom. He knows what "no" means, and lets you hear that he's not happy about it! So interesting that a room full of toys can be easily bypassed, so he can get to something so much more "fun" like the magazine rack or the door stop that springs :)

 He doesn't say any words yet, just babbles alot. He loves going through the animal sounds, and every now and than it seems like he tries to say "pu-pu" with his lips for puppy.

We sure do love our little guy...and in only one month, he'll be turning ONE!

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