Monday, April 19, 2010

Another year, another project

It seems like every spring/summer there is some kind of project to do outside. Last year we changed the front yard...pulled out all the nasty bushes, and planted different ones. This year we are doing some things to the back yard. Ben is making a border/flower bed to cover up the big ol' stump that still remains from the tree we removed 2 years ago. He also is putting one in front of the shed. Then, he thought he wanted to move a couple of bushes in the back yard and transplant them to the the yappy dog next door can't see us as easily. I'm not so sure they will survive the move...but we're really not out much if they don't.

Hopefully I'll have some "after" photos of successful finished looks!

Daddy's little helper?? Maybe not quite yet...but he does like to watch!

This isn't quite the finished product...the middle/inside bed is not shown and we still need to fill it all in with dirt. This dirt is supposed to be coming from the second driveway we will be doing. Seems like I said we were going to do that last year...oh well. We have the plan in place, so I'm hoping within the next week or so we will have that done!

Bush #1, I gave it a SERIOUS haircut before Ben moved it.

Bush #2..gave him a little more problems, but she eventually gave in and uprooted.

We were watching Daddy work!

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